Our clients and their occupiers deserve the best service and in an increasingly complex and specialised sector MAPP work with a range of specialists to deliver an integrated world class service.

Industry Groups

MAPP look to the future and are leading the discussions about the future of Property Management.

Restless and curious we are part of an ecosystem of leading thinkers, tech developers and service partners – exchanging views, trialling services, developing best practice and new ways of thinking.

Experience Makers

MAPP are Founding Members and help influence the debate on placemaking and experiential management. Placemaking and experiential management is not all about big budgets, commercialisation streams and grand visions. Placemaking also needs to work for everyday places, spaces and budgets.

With Customer Experience specialists we are developing and sharing best practice on design and management, and looking to other industries who have learnt how people react and adjust to the spaces around them. We want our places to be inclusive and welcoming to all and provide events where people are brought together or encouraged into the communities around them.

The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP)

BBP is a collaboration of the UK’s leading commercial property owners who are working together to improve the sustainability of commercial buildings.

MAPP initiated the Managing Agents Partnership and have chaired the Partnership since its creation in 2015. As a result we are framing and leading the discussion about sustainability in the real estate sector and ensuring our services are flexing to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients and their occupiers.

Centric Lab

Technology and data is enabling neuroscience to understand more about the effects of the built environment on human behaviour. To create great workplaces and happy occupiers we need to understand how the spaces we manage and the services we provide facilitate engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

Working with Centric Lab, we have developed rich insight for our clients specifically around the role of property management in enabling human behaviour. This is supported with a series of low cost interventions to improve our approach to buildings, front of house and supporting amenities and the quality of the services that support air quality and other invisible determinants of productivity.

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Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM)

We contribute at the highest level of IWFM to influence industry debate around workplace and to move FM from being a set of ‘business processes’ designed to drive out cost to it being a principal driver of amazing workplaces. We are influencing the debate in two key areas around social value and engagement and its impact on productivity.

Real Estate Balance

We are signed up to and committed members of Real Estate Balance – the leading Forum for gender balance in Real Estate.

Achieving gender balance across the organisation in the long term is vital to the long term sustainability of our business and we are committed to exploring initiatives that continue to narrow the gap.

This means that as well as aiming for gender balance in all levels and positions, we want to create an inclusive culture where both women and men are valued for their unique contributions.

Techology Partners

Smart Agile Systems

Delivery of an exceptional service relies on great people working with the best tools.

MAPP offers an ecosystem of technological options, designed to support, augment and enhance our people’s ability to deliver excellence.

We have invested heavily and continue to invest in and partner with leading technology providers to ensure that our clients and their occupiers have access to the most advanced solutions possible.

MAPP has built a business that provides both scalability and flexibility, giving clients bespoke solutions from a curated selection of best in class technological options. This avoids tying clients to single service providers who deliver end-to-end solutions without specialism. As social, economic, environmental, and technological changes continue to accelerate we will see more change in how space is provided and utilised in the next five years than we have in the last 20 years.

In this environment, agility is a prerequisite. An online training tool provides our teams with instant and up to date learning pathways to ensure that they are abreast of these developments as they occur.

Building and maintaining a sustainable business means looking to the future and being willing to translate it into our services. Technology, innovation and investment are inseparable strands of our overall approach, and are essential to adding value to our clients and their occupiers.

More specifically, investments and partnerships already in use include client and occupier portals, data warehousing, AI-driven lease reading and robotic process automation, as well as digital twin design, BIM and machine learning training.

To be the best you need the best

MAPP recognises that selecting the best solutions for the specific requirements of our clients is key to maintaining their, and our, competitive advantage. In this respect MAPP provides an integrated ecosystem of technology partners, all of whom operate best in class solutions which are integrated with MAPP’s own internal systems. The ability to continuously improve service delivery through the use of best in class offers MAPP clients, and their occupiers, a genuine market leading proposition which will continue to evolve to meet their needs.

You want to know that when things change, we can change too. We’ve been deliberately built a panel of service partners that are specialists at what they do and who work with us deliver to the leading edge.


MAPP partner with Locale to provide a leading engagement platform for all of our occupiers, and a suite of digital tools for our building staff. Comprehensively applied across our portfolio, the Occupier Portal allows data and communications to be sent to and from customers, providing them with an immediate view into the operation of their building and allowing health & safety, compliance, financial, service charge and other data to be available 24/7. It also provides our customers with the ability to manage their environment, including security, deliveries, room bookings, visitors and local services.

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Since this accreditation system was brought to the market to help occupiers better understand connectivity of their buildings, we have found this product essential in preventing building obsolescence. It’s essential that occupiers are offered a range of internet service providers, that the building can offer resilience, that mobile coverage is strong across all carriers, particularly with the advent of 5G, and that continuing investment in comms is seen in the same way as we look at fabric and plant.

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Open Box

We use RPA – robotic process automation – to help reduce repetitive tasks, increasing accuracy and efficiency. For example, code to help with transfer of data between different systems, or simple digitisation of manual tasks such as exceptions reporting. Openbox provide the core of this real estate focused solution.

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We use Leverton’s software for high volume lease data extraction. At take on of new clients, it offers a really useful comparison tool with established tenancy schedules and reports. It is a highly time sensitive solution which enables exceptions to be quickly identified and investigated.

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We utilise Coyote for our client management reporting. Automation and dashboard reporting gives clients access to live data on their portfolios, properties and occupiers, providing insight and transparency as it is needed.

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Millennium Group

Hong Kong based Millennium Group represents numerous Hong Kong, Chinese mainland, Singaporean and other Asian investors and helps them diversify their real estate holdings beyond Asia – notably in London.

MAPP works in exclusive partnership with Millennium to manage a growing portfolio of buildings for these investors.

We offer them the same high level management advice as our London-based clients, and bring our exemplary service to their door, thanks to staff fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, and regular strategy and progress visits to Asia.

As at Aug 2019 we have 15 Asian contracts with a total asset value of £2.05bn.

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Demand Logic

We partner with the award winning Demand Logic to provide a data analytics platform which enables us to make quantifiable cost savings, optimise the workplace environment, generate quick returns, reduce plant maintenance time and boost occupier satisfaction. The system targets high energy consuming HVAC systems and has an exciting roadmap that will enable wider health and wellbeing indicators to be measured and the data used to influence space planning and fit out.

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MAPP have partnered with Resurgo for over a decade. Nigel Mapp is also Chairman of the Trustees. Resurgo are one of the UK’s leading charities, combating youth unemployment, to work with individuals over a longer term to deliver real value. We are proud to support Resurgo and encourage the team to assist in office visits, interview training and volunteering.

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