In Conversation with Andrew Young

As part of our Thrive content series, helping people stay safe, confident and informed as they return to the office, we have been speaking to the people on the ground at MAPP.

Nobody knows more about our buildings than the Building Managers. Their role is to create and coordinate exceptional experiences for everyone who comes into these spaces, and that means they often have to wear a lot of hats.

Andrew Young is Building Manager for 50 Bank Street, a large commercial property, based in Canary Wharf.

He took ten minutes out of his hectic schedule as he prepares the building for re-occupancy, to talk to us about what he’s been doing to ensure 50 Bank Street enables people and businesses to thrive.

From timing lift journeys, to creative use of signage and making sure every part of the building is utilised to its full potential, he has worked hard with his team to make the transition to a ‘new normal’ as seamless and safe as possible.

Find out more about how 50 Bank Street will be opening its doors with a warm welcome to tenants and their visitors, by watching the video below.