Flex by MAPP

Integrated, agile workspace, tailored to your asset

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Shifting attitudes to remote working and changes to occupiers’ real estate strategies are resetting owner-occupier relations, with demand for more flexible workspace being driven by businesses seeking more agility in both footprint and terms, while managing a hybrid workforce.

As a trusted partner, Flex by MAPP supports this shift by providing a management platform for clients requiring an investment-grade flexible workspace solution. MAPP’s new offer encompasses everything from design consultancy, risk, compliance and data management through to best-in-class operations and amenity provision.

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Integrated service

Flex by MAPP gives our clients the opportunity to directly enter the ‘flexible working’ market knowing that the compliance, data management, financial control and day to day operations are safely outsourced to a known and trusted provider.

We offer a comprehensive management platform that builds upon what MAPP is known and trusted for by integrating a Flex operation designed to be operated for and in tandem with investors wanting more direct exposure to Flex.

This is not just another Flex operation, but an extension of our Property Management Operation designed to work with our clients on buildings already managed by MAPP.

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We value people

Flex by MAPP is part of MAPP’s V2.0 property management platform  – a more engaged occupier centric type of management which has been applauded across the sector and welcomed by clients.

Our significant experience in managing flex space, our proven ability in managing space and engaging with occupiers combined with our ability to leverage existing site and roving teams to create cost efficiencies means we are well positioned to deliver Flex by MAPP at scale and allow clients to access the market.

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We collaborate with you, to deliver flex space, that works for your asset

  • With a trusted partner who can leverage off knowledge and services already established by MAPP within the asset
  • Integration with the asset’s strategy is at the centre of any thinking
  • A seamless user experience where the user and asset gains from efficiencies in the design and operations
  • Cost efficiencies building from the foundation of MAPP’s existing property management capabilities
  • No dominant flex operators brand, rather a product extension within the asset’s product and services stack eg “flex@building” name
  • A collaborative design and implementation process so the owner is in control of what is delivered and operates within their asset
  • Accountability and transparency, an open book approach so the owner has insight to management data and to which Flex by MAPP is accountable and reports accordingly
  • A cost + model where Flex by MAPP can share the risk in reward for performance, with the owner retaining upside and control