Experts in managing multi-let offices

MAPP provide contemporary, engaged, tech-minded management for the modern workplace.

Keep pace with the ever-changing workplace

Modern offices are a manifestation of their occupier’s brand. At MAPP, we recognise how office space impacts employee engagement and pride.

Across the UK, from large flagships to smaller offices, we make great buildings with warm welcomes, strong services and terrific amenities for current occupants. By regularly engaging with occupiers we make sure that they want to remain in buildings – helping to reduce voids and maximise returns.

But the workplace is always changing as are the demands of occupiers. Today’s management looks to the future more than it ever has. We plan for today’s offices to meet the needs of tomorrow’s occupiers, technologies and expectations.

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Planning for tomorrow

We curate digital property management tools and smart working facilities to enhance user experience. Expert facilities managers, engineering specialists and building surveyors ensure fabric, services and infrastructure are maintained to industry-leading standards.

Our teams keep one foot firmly in the future helping clients plan long-term investment in fabric, plant and tech. London and Manchester lead occupier services and amenities, and we are the forefront in their continual evolution.

Our teams work tirelessly to provide engaged and welcoming on-site teams, excellent value for money services and first class amenities for occupiers. They build on strong fundamentals of budgeting, service charge management, lease data and compliance. Great service balanced to meet the needs of clients and occupiers.