Charlotte Campbell

Head of Branding, Marketing and Communication

Charlotte and her team look for opportunities to tell MAPP’s unique story to the world while showcasing our people and the services we provide. Her responsibilities include increasing brand awareness, ensuring the brand is memorable for all the right reasons and for enabling her colleagues to faithfully represent the brand while delivering the excellent service MAPP are known for. 

With almost two decades of branding, marketing and sales experience Charlotte has been part of many companies’ unique growth journeys. She has built countless brands and delivered substantial projects for many UK and International clients, both B2B and B2C, while working at award-winning London-based creative agencies. 

Being half-American (from Philadelphia) and half-Scottish (from Lochaber), she is equally at home pounding the city streets or up hills enjoying fresh air. Mostly though she and her husband can be found exercising their young daughter in their local London park.