Dr Kevin Thurlow-Criss

National Parks Director

Dr Kevin Thurlow-Criss oversees operations for 11 of the UK’s leading Science and Business Parks. Before joining MAPP in 2020, he spent a decade working as a practitioner in research labs and then two decades running operations for a number of medical research laboratories. His unrivalled industry knowledge and logistical expertise now benefits our client’s park portfolios.

Kevin is no stranger to the property sector; having worked as Director of Facilities Management and Safety for many of London’s prominent hospitals, research labs and universities. Kevin joins us from the University of East London, bringing almost three decades of experience and a huge range of qualifications including FCMI, CIWFM, MIIRSM, MIScT, MRSB. He provides data-informed specialist insights into the logistical, HSE and compliance management of bespoke environments.

Since childhood, Kevin has been an avid karate enthusiast, successfully climbing up the ranks to 7th-degree black belt. With an unrelenting passion for the sport, he also shares martial arts techniques with his local community through his international karate association. When not practising karate, he enjoys spending time with his partner and their two friendly pooches — a miniature dachshund and pug.