‘The five trends of “property management 2.0.’

A client told me recently that he thought property management was now “sexy”. Well, let’s not get carried away – but at least we are now at the ball rather than being left behind to scrub the floors.

Over the past two years we have reimagined what property management looks like. We are calling it PM V2.0. There are five big trends.

1. The value of brand, placemaking and enlivenment

Properties need their own identity and brand. Short-term leases mean occupiers are much more fluid, retention is vital, and having a strong brand and a vibrant enlivenment programme helps attract and retain occupiers.

People come to work to be together and to collaborate, and the role of the PM is to help people to love their workplace. Doing that helps businesses to attract and retain great talent, be more productive, and means they are much more likely to renew.

Over the past three years we have been repositioning Stockley Park – not an easy job given the fractured ownership – but it now has completely new food and beverage offerings, a different brand, loads of events and even a secret cinema. The occupiers are now part of a vibrant community and feel that they belong.

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