We are MAPP

A property management business turning spaces into places, where businesses and people can really thrive.

Successful businesses underpin our economic growth and feed the societies around them. And well managed properties can transform the businesses within them. We know what it takes to support and deliver this ambition.

We are an adventurous, curious and outward looking team of 350, never limited to preconceptions or the status quo.

Better people
Better culture
Better work

Generalists are good but specialists are better

We are specialists, and we will always make a bigger difference:

We believe that better people means a better culture that delivers better work. We are united by a common purpose and a desire to do things right.

We have one foot in the future, and want to take you with us.

Reimagining Property Management

We are at the leading edge of innovation, integration and service delivery, constantly delivering new ideas and ways of working.

We manage commercial (and the odd bit of residential) property up and down the land. In fact we manage over £12bn of it and look after over 5,000 occupiers on behalf of our clients which include Funds, REITS, Trusts and Investment Managers backed by Private Equity.


Proud to deliver

We find out exactly what our clients expect and then deliver a property management service that is best in sector and exceeds expectations.

Operating from five offices across the UK – from London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, and Glasgow – to ensure we can deliver a real service no matter where your property is located.

Who we really are

Our values shape our culture and our culture guides our behaviour.  We believe that it is possible for everyone at MAPP to wake up each day inspired to go to work, feel safe and valued and know that we have contributed to something that is greater than just ourselves.

Creating places where businesses and people can really thrive starts with ensuring that our people are thriving.  We promote a culture which supports the broader goals of diversity and inclusion.

To sum up – high trust, healthy conflict, commitment, clear accountability and results are the key markers of our culture that set us apart and energise us.

The end result?  Delivery of exceptional V1.0 and V2.0 service to clients and occupiers that exceeds expectations and is radically different to our competitors.




Our Values
#1 Be Appreciative
#2 Pursue Adventure
#3 Live Authentically
#4 Embrace Accountability
#5 Avoid Ambiguity

Our world is bigger than our business.

There are so many ways we can make a positive impact on our world. Benefacto deliver two charity days a year for all our employees and we use GivX to measure our impact – we were in the top 5 SME’s in the UK last year.

We are actively working towards becoming the UK’s first real estate consultancy business that has B Corp accreditation. Our procurement team partner with all of our suppliers to ensure that they are working with us and in the buildings we manage in the most sustainable way possible and we are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. We think that is worth shouting about.

For a decade, our corporate relationship with RESURGO has helped transform the lives of thousands of young people: through working with students from Resurgo’s SPEAR course, or helping to build enterprises that have meaningful social impact through Resurgo Ventures.

And we focus equally on environmental impact. Together, we are loud and active voices, chairing the BBP’s Managing Agents Partnership and Revo’s Environmental Management Working Group, while also participating in Revo’s Sustainability and Community Engagement Working Group and the BCO’s Environmental and Social Governance Committee.