We have saved our clients £1.1m+ in utility charges over the next 12 months.

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Repurposing retail space?

We have experience. The new retail.

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Distressed retail assets?

We have experience. The new retail.

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The way we think about property is changing.

So we are doing something about it. A new logo, a new name (kind of), a new website. But mainly a shift in mindset.

New technologies, new working methods, new collaborations to re-imagine services and products. All driving towards people-first experiences, that turn spaces into places where businesses and people can really thrive.

For now, we are calling it V2.0.


V2.0 is here

V2.0 is an industry rethink. Headwinds are re-shaping property ownership and occupation. All are in pursuit of great experience, great places, and really great service.

This is the role of the new property manager: relationships, experiences, engagement and loyalty. V2.0 strengthens our occupiers’ brand proposition with their employees. And when they thrive, their business performs. Because loyalty feeds retention.

This is what we do

The future: we are looking forward to it

V2.0 doesn’t exist without V1.0.

The foundations of strong property management, accounting and facilities management have to be in place for V2.0 to succeed. If V1.0 relied on enterprise-wide platforms, regulation, accredited processes and professional qualifications, V2.0 is a networked solution.

Because we recognise that customers want to be agile, have more choice, and more demands on them and their business than ever before. It’s our job to create places that go beyond, enabling everyone in our buildings to be the best they can be.

We are MAPP

Creating places where businesses and people can really thrive starts with people: our people. That’s why being a great place to work is one of our core values and something we commit to living out each day.

We have a simple approach. Hiring extraordinary people who are engaged, industry recognised leaders across the business, have pride in our specialisation and build a culture committed to creating better outcomes.

All 350 of us work hard together, because we know that harnessing skills and expertise makes us more likely to achieve our goals. Technology, processes and systems are important but we will always be different because of who we are.

Meet some of the team