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News  •  03/06/2024  •  3-min read

Awaiting Martyn’s Law – what can be done now

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the London Bridge terror attacks, where eight people were tragically killed and 48 injured, including members of the public and four unarmed police officers who attempted to stop the assailants.

Preparation is key 

Here at MAPP, we are committed to helping our clients mitigate against the rising threat of terrorism. This is achieved by implementing four key security/safety principles at all of our managed properties.

Identify – review all properties and their security risk whilst identifying those that are in the scope of the bill and those that are of a high-security risk.
Assess – conduct security audits and terrorism risk assessments at your sites to highlight any security threats, vulnerabilities, and impact these may have.
Respond – look to implement any recommendations raised by the audits, enhance procedures such as lockdown/evacuation and ensure that all our staff are trained correctly.
Protect – ensure that the ongoing management of security is constantly reviewed and measured to mitigate risk and to keep people safe.


Whether Martyn’s Law gets formally introduced as legislation or not, we advise property owners to assess their properties accordingly, introduce preventative measures for public safety and mitigate risks from terrorism attacks.

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Written by

Brian House

Head of Security and GDPR, Compliance (London)