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News  •  05/02/2021  •  4 minutes read

Giving young people a start in real estate during Covid-19

During the pandemic MAPP has welcomed nine promising apprentices to the team.

At the start of 2020, MAPP partnered with Leadership Through Business & Sports (LTBS) to create new employment opportunities for bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds — ensuring a promising start to a career in Real Estate that builds on their existing skill sets.

LTBS is a social mobility charity that equips and supports those at risk of under-employment to find careers equal to their ambition and potential in order for them to contribute from their first day on the job.

With the effects of Covid-19 causing job losses and recruitment freezes, over one million young people are estimated to be unemployed in 2020. There was a 50% fall in apprenticeships offered in Q2 of 2020, compared with 2019. Furthermore, 61% of employers have cancelled some or all of their work experience (Sutton Trust) (DfE). Disadvantaged youth, who already face disproportionate barriers to the employment market, could now become a lost generation as a result of this crisis.

Through their work with Spear and Resurgo MAPP understands the dire outlook of the UK employment landscape for young people. In the last 12 months, MAPP has taken on a total of nine apprentices; integrating these promising candidates into our Accounting and Surveying teams. Due to the positive integration of these apprentices, we are looking to recruit more in 2021 to support other areas of our business.

Despite the initial complexity of onboarding our new employees through Covid-19, they have approached their roles with enthusiasm and a desire to learn. The apprentices have quickly become a positive addition to our team of specialists.

At MAPP, we are striving for a more diverse and inclusive workplace; introducing new measures and benchmarks to promote equality and long-term social impact. LTBS has been a trusted partner that delivers great apprenticeship candidates that are equipped to seamlessly enter the workplace. They find young, talented individuals from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds and then prepare them for the workplace and in parallel the workplace for the young people. They facilitate the hiring process and continue to support both employer and apprentice over the course of the first year.

“We truly value our partnership with MAPP and the commitment they have shown to helping us achieve our vision. We connect young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to meaningful careers, but we cannot do it alone. MAPP has unlocked opportunities for young people to work, learn and succeed in a new career – a career previously out of their grasp. MAPP is a purpose led organisation and we have felt that every step of the way, in every interaction and every promise they have made – and kept. I look forward to continuing to work together as we unlock more and more opportunities for young people to flourish.”

Paul Evans

CEO, Leadership Through Business & Sports

Sean Greathead, Head of People and Talent, MAPP commented:

“It has been a privilege to work with LTSB as we have brought onboard such phenomenal young people. The quality of apprentices has been superb and those who have joined MAPP are an asset to the business. Each of the apprentices were well prepared for their interviews and set up for working life at MAPP. Despite onboarding during a pandemic, all nine apprentices have been a testament to the work and support delivered by LTSB. We look forward to working with them into the future.”

Mohammad Ussen, LTSB Apprentice 2020, MAPP:

“LTSB has always been there for me, right from the very start and helped shape me to be ready for the corporate world. Personally, I have had so much support since last year not only with my studies but also with job searches, especially during a time of Covid where opportunities were almost impossible to get. The last month has been one exciting journey starting a new career with MAPP, with the help of LTSB. I have never been so focused in my life, due to the passion of wanting to grow and achieve more results for myself and the Company. LTSB is a Charity organisation that genuinely wants the best for their people. This really means a lot to me. I’m proud to have been a part of this amazing journey.”