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News  •  15/12/2023  •  3-min read

MAPP appointed as managing agent for MIRA Tech Park estate

MAPP is pleased to announce its appointment as the managing agent for MIRA Tech Park, Europe’s number-one global location for sustainable mobility innovation.

MIRA Tech Park, situated on a secure 850 acre campus, is renowned for its cutting-edge automotive research and development activities.

MAPP’s role will involve the management of the common parts of the estate, overseeing external areas and infrastructure. The scope of services provided by MAPP aligns with its extensive experience in managing business and science parks across the UK.

The facility, which boasts an impressive list of world-renowned occupiers, plays a pivotal role in the advancement of automotive technologies. The occupants at MIRA Tech Park consist of industry giants and innovators, like Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, REE and Polestar, all contributing to the dynamic and vibrant ecosystem.

The estate has over 500,000 sq ft of space, comprising a range of workshop and office facilities, showcasing the diversity of facilities available to occupiers and allowing them to scale rapidly. The continual expansion of the campus reflects the client’s commitment to providing a dynamic environment that can adapt to the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

MAPP’s engagement with MIRA Tech Park signifies a noteworthy trend in the management of science and business parks. While science parks have gained immense popularity in recent years, this marks MAPP’s inaugural venture into the realm of mobility R&D parks.

Tom Peasgood, Head of Science, Tech & Business Parks at MAPP, said: 

“We are delighted to have been selected by MIRA Tech Park, a renowned name in the automotive sector, to deliver management services. With a wealth of experience in science, technology and business parks, MAPP is well positioned to support the world-class occupiers in situ and the growth and development of the park.”

"We are excited to be working with MAPP as a key partner in the next stage of growth for our technology park. Their expertise and collaboration will be instrumental in enhancing the park, bringing us closer to our future vision and making our park more dynamic for all stakeholders."

Tim Nathan

Managing Director at MIRA Tech Park