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News  •  11/09/2023  •  3-min read

MAPP launches Energy by MAPP

Sustainable energy procurement for net zero carbon pathways.

New business to be led by Executive Director of Sustainability Rowan Packer who has become an Equity Partner in the business

Energy by MAPP will enable clients to unlock the potential to drive down emissions, particularly indirect emissions from purchased energy, to achieve their net zero carbon strategies

MAPP has announced the launch of Energy by MAPP, a new business that will provide sustainable energy procurement services. Achieving reductions of Scope 1,2 & 3 directly managed emissions is emerging as the quickest key method for owners of real estate to make significant progress against decarbonisation targets. 

Energy by MAPP is being launched to enable clients to benefit from MAPP’s expertise in a renewable energy procurement mechanism including Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA). The new business will be led by MAPP’s Executive Director of Sustainability, Rowan Packer, who has also recently become an Equity Partner in the business.

Energy by MAPP launches with four clients already signed up to the service including Pioneer Group, the leading developer and operator of life science and technology campuses across the UK. MAPP brokered a rolling two-year virtual CPPA with Ray Valley Solar, an Oxfordshire-based solar farm. The agreement sees four locations from the Pioneer Group portfolio become the first science parks in the UK to source CPPA green electricity from a single, dedicated solar PV farm; gaining the opportunity to report zero carbon emissions on their Scope 2 & 3 electricity.

CPPAs are fixed-priced, long-term electricity contracts which help enable renewable power providers to invest in new renewable power generators. Companies can embed this into their net zero carbon pathways in the form of new ‘additionality’ carbon mitigation approaches and benefit from zero emissions, as investing in new CPPA generation contracts means that renewable energy capacity can be matched to Scope 2 & 3 emissions which in turn, is beneficial for the planet.

Nigel Mapp, Founder and Chairman, said:

“We are continuously looking for ways that we can help our clients deliver their net zero carbon pathways and ESG strategies; providing an optimal sustainable energy choice is a key part of that. We are delighted to launch Energy by MAPP and to continue being a force for good wherever we manage Real Estate.”

Rowan Packer, Partner and Executive Director of Sustainability said:

“Energy by MAPP is another step forward and further sets MAPP apart as a truly sustainability-driven commercial property management business. We take great pride in delivering on our clients’ net zero carbon goals, creating long term strategic value and helping to protect the planet all at the same time.”