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News  •  20/05/2021  •  3 minutes read

Our genuinely green energy suppliers bring new carbon offset opportunities to our clients.

As Executive Director and Head of Sustainability and Social Value at MAPP, I’m keen to help all our clients optimise their sustainable energy choices.

MAPP is well-positioned to guide our clients to the right energy partner. With the help of our energy broker, Alfa Energy, we’ve been procuring high quality green tariffs for years as standard through our trusted suppliers: Ecotricity, Green Energy and Good Energy.

It’s why we welcome the recent guidance from the UK Green Building Council on Renewable Energy Procurement & Carbon Offsetting. This provides further incentive for the property and construction industry to make better sustainable energy choices, as well as advice on carbon offsetting for net-zero buildings and organisations in the UK.

The guidance singles out only the highest quality green tariffs, tightening the rules on when a zero carbon emissions factor (market-based) may be applied as part of a company’s carbon-offsetting strategies. All other suppliers will have to use the less advantageous UK grid average factor (location-based) for their carbon footprint calculations, even if that supplier offers a 100% renewable tariff.

Working with our trusted suppliers means our clients will fully benefit from the new UKGBC framework.

It will allow them to apply a market-based zero carbon emissions factor as part of their carbon-offsetting strategies in the short-term, as we support them in transitioning towards a genuine net-zero carbon environment with on-site renewable technology in the long term.

We pride ourselves on only working with companies in our supply chain who align with or go beyond our sustainability values and standards. Over 80% of all the electricity we purchase on behalf of our clients is through Ecotricity, a genuinely green supplier.

“We’re proud to have worked with MAPP since 2016. By supplying them with 100% high quality green electricity, we’ve helped them save a massive 52,294 tonnes of Co2 to date. We fully support the UKGBC’s guidance on the procurement of high-quality renewable energy. Our partnership with MAPP Property Management and Alfa Energy continues to go from strength to strength and we’re excited to see what the future brings.”

Paul Sands

Growth Director at Ecotricity

Ecotricity’s approach matches our values and evidence of this can be seen in their unique ‘Bills into Mills’ business model – they use their customers’ bill money to build new sources of renewable energy. They are a not-for-dividend company and don’t have any shareholders. So their customers get a truly green outcome for their energy bill. This model has enabled Ecotricity to build nearly 90MW of new windmills and sun parks – and they’re not stopping there, with another three sun parks scheduled for development over the next 18 months.

Thanks to partners like Ecotricity, MAPP will continue to deliver, support and guide our clients on their net-zero carbon commitment as we navigate a complex pathway to a more sustainable built environment.

MAPP can deliver enhanced genuine returns in Sustainability and utility performance for leading UK and overseas Fund Managers, real estate investment trusts and property owners.

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Written by

Rowan Packer

Executive Director - Head of Sustainability and Social Value (London)