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News  •  16/06/2022  •  4 minutes read

MAPP extends partnership with S2 to develop world-class property management risk platform

MAPP has expanded its relationship with Strategic Risk Consultants S2 Partnership Ltd (S2), to maximise the capabilities of their RiskWise platform, a cloud-based risk management system used to manage key risks within real estate assets such as air and water quality and M&E performance.

The partnership, which began in 2019, has resulted in S2 developing class-leading risk management functionality, which MAPP utilises across its entire portfolio. This was achieved by developing new ways to enhance RiskWise’s capabilities through a series of trials across the MAPP portfolio. Utilising the feedback, the team integrated a number of new capabilities into the platform, which constitute ‘industry firsts’ within this type of risk management software.

Closed Water System

In the spring of 2020, MAPP and S2 set in motion the Closed Water System compliance module. Clients were trying to solve issues and challenges with poor installations – and facing spiralling costs as they fought to maintain these vital systems. The new module allows clients to map out each of their building’s system assets, track their PPM, and identify risk action and remedial requirements following surveys undertaken by water consultants.

Not stopping there, MAPP enhanced this module’s functionality to alert their facilities teams and suppliers if the system’s chemical dosing and operations fall outside the strict operating parameters.

M&E Performance

In the summer of 2021, MAPP rolled out the Asset Register functionality, which enables the team to monitor the maintenance needs and costs of their property assets. The team uses the function to rate the asset’s condition and risk of failure, and to record its unit capacity. Notably, this process enables MAPP clients to calculate progress against net zero carbon goals, a key part of ESG requirements.

All of the new features promote better analysis of building M&E performance, along with accurate planning for condition-based maintenance and future capex planning, reducing service charges on larger sites. One integrated platform makes it easier for MAPP’s facilities teams to manage all of the different capabilities.

Air Quality

In the Autumn of 2021, MAPP and S2 introduced a new air quality module onto the platform. Due to the pandemic, this is a crucial addition that highlights the importance of fresh air to occupiers, along with wellbeing surveys that emphasise the benefits of clean air in properties to landlords. This newest module allows for consultant air sampling data to be recorded for trend analysis, alongside the air quality survey recommendations managed by MAPP’s facilities teams and suppliers.

Procurement Services

In 2022, MAPP will complete the final trials of a new range of Procurement services which will result in supplier vetting, supplier performance management, and tender processes being added to the platform. The new approach will enable RiskWise to provide a stronger two-way interface for MAPP and its suppliers. Greater efficiency will speed up supplier onboarding, increase transparency and governance in performance appraisal, and improve supplier management and record keeping.

Hosting these processes within RiskWise will enable MAPP’s facilities teams to digitally monitor progress, undertake more precise reviews, and deliver a better service for occupiers via our suppliers.


Two MAPP suppliers, D2E and KJ Tait, have provided a testimonial to the efficacy of the platform. Both are well-known in the property industry as leading experts in their respective areas, used by many landlords and Managing Agents across their portfolios.

At D2E, we have been familiar with RiskWise for over ten years and have supported MAPP as their Vertical Transport Consultants for over seven years. Using their RiskWise platform has helped us push forward the risk management performance of MAPP’s lift and escalator supply chain partners and we’ve seen real and significant innovation from Mike Lewis, his team and the S2 Partnership.

Mark Fairweather

D2E International VT Consultants

We have supported MAPP as their Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Consultants for over 12 years and we have worked closely with Mike Lewis team and S2 Partnership to help them optimise their RiskWise platform with some fantastic new modules. We’re now able to offer a more closely aligned consultancy support package and we’re driving better performance from MAPP’s M&E supply chain partners.

Richard Lytle

KJ Tait Engineers